Discover the new temporary exhibition BURN. From fire hazard to burn-out
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19/11/2022 - 03/09/2023

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What: temporary exhibition

When: from 19 November 2022 till 3 September 2023

Where: Museum of Industry

Price: admission to the museum; you can also visit the other permanent exhibitions with your ticket.


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The Museum of Industry presents a new exhibition that focuses on safety and well-being at work, from 1800 to today. From fire hazard to burn-out, from occupational accident to ergonomics, from time clock to prevention. BURN sheds light on broader societal trends and the socio-cultural aspects of labour organisation: break times, collegiality, the atmosphere at work …

A dynamic experience area in the exhibition will also immerse visitors in the various topics of the exhibition. Think of the working conditions of the miners, of old-fashioned office furniture or of personal testimonies from the past. 

BURN is an experiential and interactive exhibition, encouraging visitors to find meaning and to reflect.

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