Every first Thursday of the month, the Museum of Industry is open until 10 pm.


The Museum of Industry welcomes groups with open arms and most of all with a wide range of interesting programmes. Follow one of the guides on a journey back in time through the different exhibitions, roll up your sleeves during a workshop or go on a thematic walk in the vicinity of the museum. There is something for everyone.

Would you like to visit the museum with a group but without a guide? That is possible, of course. We ask you to let us know you are planning a visit via this form. BOEKjeBEZOEK will take a look at the group visit schedule and will recommend a starting time on busy days. For instance, starting your visit 15 minutes later on busy days will result in a better distribution in the museum and a more pleasant visit for everyone. 

Would you like to bring your own guide as a group? That is also possible. However, the guide has to pay an additional fee (€ 10). Inform BOEKjeBEZOEK about your group visit with your own guide via this form


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