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Within the scope of our new temporary exhibition ‘Pagne Africain’, we are looking for an Artist in Residence who wants to be inspired by African fabrics, textile techniques and the museum’s collection.

Pictures: Martin Corlazzoli


The exhibition Pagne Africain immerses you in the rich African textile culture. You will discover a unique selection of African fabrics from all corners of the continent. The fabrics illustrate not only the knowhow and skill of the makers, but also the history, spirituality and significance conveyed by various motifs and textures.

Stella Nyanchama Okemwa’s diverse collection of African textiles and garments constitutes the basis for this exhibition. She acts as guest curator and shows part of her private collection to the public. The result is a colourful overview of 11 types of fabric in various forms and designs, provided with historical, cultural and technical background information.

Pagne Africain engages in a dialogue with the collection of the Museum of Industry. The former cotton spinning mill is the perfect setting and raises awareness about the manufacturing process and craftsmanship linked to textiles. The Museum of Industry also presents a few items from its own collection: textile samples made by Ghent manufacturers for the African market shed light on a virtually unknown slice of textile history.


On the occasion of our new temporary exhibition ‘Pagne Africain’, we are looking for an Artist in Residence who wants to be inspired by African fabrics, textile techniques and the museum’s collection from Monday 9 May to Tuesday 7 June 2022. The residence will take place at the textile department of the Museum of Industry, where the resident artist can make use of the central textile workshop, browse through the collection, and rely on the help of experienced textile staff.


  • Presence in the museum; we will pre-determine the moments when you are expected to be present in a cooperation agreement.
  • You will work in a museum. This means that you need to be prepared to talk to visitors, but also that you work among and with unique collection items, which requires particular caution and care, so arrangements will be made beforehand.
  • At the end of the residence, we will organise an Artist Talk, during which we will engage in a dialogue about the residence. We will shape the contents together with you.
  • The project you are working on has a clear link with the exhibition Pagne Africain.
  • You document the work and research you conducted during the residence in a relevant manner. You will provide us with a tangible result. We will determine what this result should look like together with you.


  • A four week residence from 9 May to 7 June 2022 at the Museum of Industry.
  • The opportunity to display you own work at the textile department.
  • The use of the museum’s textile workshop, materials, equipment and expertise.
  • The opportunity to weave on the digital Jacquard loom TC2, for which we provide two days in the planning.
  • A € 500 allowance, paid upon conclusion of the residence.


Anyone with knowledge about textile techniques who wants to immerse themselves for a few weeks in a topic related to the exhibition Pagne Africain is welcome to submit an application.


Forward the following information (in a single pdf file) to on Wednesday 13 April 2022 at the latest:

  • a project proposal of maximum two A4 pages, which clarifies what you wish to achieve and how this relates to the exhibition Pagne Africain;
  • a concise CV with portfolio.
A jury will assess all the proposals submitted and select one applicant. In the second half of April 2022, we will make a decision and inform all applicants of this decision as soon as possible. The selection criteria are as follows:

  • the extent to which a link is established with the temporary exhibition Pagne Africain and/or the museum’s collection,
  • the feasibility of the project: can it be carried out at the Museum of Industry?


Come to the Museum of Industry on Monday 4 April 2022 between 4 pm and 6 pm to visit the exhibition and the textile workshop. Then you will also be given the opportunity to ask questions about the residence. Would you like to take this opportunity ? Then make a reservation in advance by sending an email with the subject line 'guided tour open call' to

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